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Tutor Recommends: 3 Valuable Festive Learning Activities

This is a magical time of year, and I love recommending genuinely fun learning activities. Here are three festive recommendations for the whole family to enjoy together:

1) Watch The Muppet Christmas Carol
This is already a tradition in many households, but I cannot recommend this version of Dickens’ classic enough! Not only are the characters fun and memorable, but the script is also surprisingly faithful to the original language of the novel.

To really make the most of this, I recommend pointing out the Christian morals taught in the book (even in secular households, a foundational knowledge of Christian morals makes classic Western literature much more accessible), and also talking a bit about Victorian society.

2) Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas together
No one is too old to enjoy this classic poem, and the more positive experiences of poetry that we can gift children, the better for their literary development. You can print or view the poem here, or watch a cosy narration of the poem by Michael Bublé on YouTube.

3) Learn the origins of Christmas traditions on YouTube!
Channels like the National Trust create beautiful videos about festive traditions through the ages, from creating puddings in a Victorian kitchen to the origins of our favourite Christmas carols! I have put together a playlist for the whole family, which can be found on YouTube.

I hope these suggestions bring joy and learning! If you or someone you know is looking for bespoke, well-managed and structured tuition from a qualified Oxford graduate in 2021, contact me today. I offer subject-specific help, generalist tuition, Oxbridge preparation, interview practice and more.

With best wishes for the holidays,