Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects do you tutor?

I am a full-time, professional and generalist tutor. This means that I have experience of tutoring a wide variety of subjects at 11+, 13+, (i)GCSE, Pre-U and A Level. My main subjects are English (Language and Literature), Geography and RS. I also manage a small, world-class network of tutors across all subject areas, consisting of Ox-bridge/Russell-group graduates and qualified teachers who are vetted and reliable.

Therefore, I provide tuition across all subject areas from 11+ to A Level standard.

What geographical area do you cover?

Although I live in Bristol, UK, I am an online tutor. I use the best technologies available to teach students from across the world! I have taught students from the UK, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Singapore and the USA.

How does online tutoring work?

There are two basic components that are needed for a good lesson: an audio/video connection and an online whiteboard.

I use Skype for the audio/video call, unless the student has a preferred service (such as Zoom or FaceTime). Skype is easy to use and free to set up.

I then send a link to an online whiteboard, which is a shared screen that both the student and I work on simultaneously. They are free and easy to use.

My son/daughter is applying to schools in the UK. Can you help?

Yes, I have tutored UK school entrance for over 5 years. This has included successfully preparing students for competitive scholarship exams at 11+, 13+ and 16+.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

I am passionate about the use of online tutoring to share knowledge, and my students love it, too. The benefits are countless, but include:

  • Greater flexibility of time and place
  • Lessons are engaging and up-to-date
  • Notes are always organised and easily accessibility for future revision

My son/daughter presents with SEN. Can you help?

I have worked with students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism, and welcome students presenting with SEN. Online tutoring and the technologies/software I use help me to provide good solutions and learning experiences for students with SEN.

I really do understand how important it is to find the right tutor who is suitably experienced to help your child. Please get in touch and we will arrange a time to discuss your child’s needs and whether or not I can help. If I am unable to help, I can connect you with professional tutors who may meet your needs.

My son/daughter is nervous. Can you help?

Yes, I welcome nervous students! Online tutoring often suits nervous students especially well because of the flexibility it allows, including the ability to work in their own space. I also strive to be a friendly professional tutor (think Mary Poppins, tutor style!), with lots of patience and an understanding approach to how different people learn and communicate.