Corona: Your child might still have to take their GCSEs or A Levels.

Last week, the UK government announced that GCSEs and A Levels would not be taking place as usual in June 2019. However, much still needs to be clarified at this stage, and I am worried that the message has been oversimplified in the midst of the daily news coverage and updates. I would caution Year 11 and 13 students against dropping their textbooks prematurely.


Students’ grades will be set by their school teachers in accordance to marks gained in mocks and internal assessments. This may disadvantage students who were relying on a ‘final push’ to the finish line. Secondary to this, the government is clear that students who are not happy with their grade will have the option of sitting their exams ‘early in the next academic year’. This is the message that has been largely missed in the media: some GCSE/A LEVEL students may still need, or choose, to take their exams next year. At this stage, I would personally encourage parents to ensure that their child completes their specifications and has completed good revision notes. At the very least, this will stand them in good academic stead for whatever they choose to do next; for some, it will be a vital part of preparing to sit the exams next year.

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